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CCPS China Conference, Qingdao, China. Presenting the leadership model for risk management based on “Frequency, Consistency, Sense”.

Visiting Chernobyl, Kiev, Ukraine. After the nuclear event, on January 26, 1986, the concept “Safety Culture” was coined.

Yacimiento Camisea, Amazonia, Perú. The most important gas mega-field in Latin America.

The Oil & Gas industry faces a global challenge that, just like the figure of the iceberg, only shows us a small pop-up, which appears in the form of a question: How to avoid the repetition of incidents?

Having gone through a period of pronounced descent in the accidentology curve, organizations arrived at a plateau and, at the same time, at a crossroads.

In spite of exponentially increasing their efforts, the growing difficulties in obtaining a social license and the approval of local communities put at risk both the start of new operations as well as the continuity of others already in operation.

The visibility which each event is known by the interest groups permanently feeds the fear, founded or not, of the occurrence of a major event that could harm people, communities and the planet.

However, at the same time that social pressure is increasing, more than ever in its history, companies are generating lessons learned and knowledge to manage risks, which they fail to incorporate into their own organizational cultures at an adequate speed.

Without any doubt, an important part of the solution lies in promoting disciplined operations that make decisions based on risks at all levels of the organization, that prevent the normalization of deviance and that understand risk management as a cross-cutting activity throughout the organization and not only as a concern of the operational areas.

But despite this, all efforts become sterile if a poor or insufficient vision persists in Senior Management. In this context of increasing complexity, the highest level in the organization has the responsibility and obligation to guide the transformation of their companies to become fully sustainable.

The organizations that provide a differential value for their shareholders, their employees and the communities in which they operate are those that have managed to awaken and keep present a sense of vulnerability in their senior management teams.

Safety Culture Leaders seeks to promote that same sense of vulnerability, sharing the vision of global leaders of the most challenging operations on the planet.

We are interested in building collective responses to a part of those questions that are hidden in the metaphor of the iceberg: what kind of leadership is needed in the new paradigm of energy and what are the key cultural elements of sustainability and excellence.

Welcome to Safety Culture Leaders.


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